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Cats and dogs don’t sweat like their owners. Their sweat comes out in their urine adding a high content of salt, so the removal of this salt is very important in removing the unpleasant smell. Pet odors like cat urine or dog urine are difficult to remove. It can also cause permanent damage to your carpet or upholstery. It creates unhealthy living environment if not treated quickly and properly. So with removing pet urine, time is a big factor.

Pet urine comes out in an acidic state, with the ph of about 5-6. At this time it is fairly easy to treat by the homeowner himself. With time as the urine dries it changes its state to alkaline with the ph of about 11. It now becomes difficult to remove. Urine deposits will dye the fibers and staining is generally difficult to remove when urine contamination is heavy or treatment is delayed.

As it dries and crystallizes, the urine begins to react with the carpet dye to create a color change, producing the dreaded yellow spot. If not treated quickly, the yellow stain becomes permanent as it changes the dye structure of the carpet fibers.

Urine contains salts that attract moisture which in time create bacteria that causes bad smell. Even though the alkaline salts and the bad smell can be removed at this point, if not taken care of quickly, the urine can permanently stain your carpets and upholstery.

The 3 Steps to remove Pet Odor:

  1. Topical Treatment is the most common. Utilized when the urine does not penetrate the padding of the carpet (smaller pets).

  2. Sub-Surface Extraction when the urine penetrated the backing of the carpet into the padding. We use special tools and techniques to flush the alkaline salts out of the padding  and the carpet.

  3. Sub-Floor Treatment is performed in extreme cases when the urine penetrated the carpet, padding, and into the wooden sub floor.

  • We will pull up the carpet.

  • Discard the contaminated padding.

  • Clean and seal the subfloor.

  • Install brand new padding.

  • Perform Sub-Surface extraction on the carpet.

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I used Hit the Spot for 2 houses and I am very pleased with their work.  They did an amazing job at getting out stains.  They are very friendly and efficient.  Their prices are very reasonable.  I recommend them highly!

Debi C.
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I am very pleased with the work that Dana and David did on my carpets and wood floors. They did a great job. Very professional and courteous. I will book them again, plus refer them to my friends. Thanks a lot.

Paul F.


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Just finished my house.....
Charles and crew did a excellent job, at a good price.
Will book them again, plus referral to friends...thanks.

marty d.

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Arrived on time, removed all the carpet stains and overall did a bang up job. Highly recommend them.


laguna niguel ca.

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Just had my carpets cleaned, and I'm very happy. Charles did a great job. Very professional and courteous.  Great price. I will definitely call him next time.

Linda V,

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Paul just left after doing a terrific job! Very efficient and carpets look great for a reasonable cost. Thank you, Charles, we will definitely use your services again!

Michelle T
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